Upward Trend in the Real Estate Sector in Spain

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Upward Trend in the Real Estate Sector in Spain

It is not a secret that the real estate sector in Spain is starting to take off after many years of crisis after the real estate bubble blasted.

Reminding all our readers to start with that the severe world crisis started in the real estate sector and therefore it is in this sector were the recovery will start to pull up all the world economy.

The real issue in the real estate sector in Spain is the recovery of the economy both with the financial area as well as the increase of the employment rate. Due to this, the real estate sells are climbing and the mortgages are tending to be of a fix interest rate than the variable interest rate that most buyers preferred in the past.

 As of the rental prices in most large cities, the rental prices have increased a great deal due to the high demand of vacation / tourist rentals. This as a whole has increased a climbing demand which has increased prices in some cities as much as 18%.

There are confronted opinions if the government should or not take part in this issue to control prices. Others, prefer to think that a free society should adjust to the offer and demand of the clients and society.

As a whole, the Spanish economy is in an upward trend and we encourage both national and international investment in real estate. The time is now to invest in real estate in Spain both for the prices are not yet high to buy and for rentals to get more for your money.

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